Bergen Scottish Society


Here is an overview of the Society's first events. It all started with a haggis-less Burns Supper. . . Links to photos from some of these events can be found on the menu to the left.

• St. Andrew's Ceilidh
Saturday 19th November, 2005 - Danckert Krohn

The first ceilidh of the Bergen Scottish Society kicked off with a brief introduction to St Andrew and his importance to Scotland and a hearty meal of stovies - just the thing to fortify body and soul on a cold, damp November evening in Bergen.

Once again Solheim Kjøtt did us proud with their catering! After the stovies had been washed down with coffee and cake, and a wee nip of something stronger, Gabriel Fliflet (accordion) and Annlaug Bursheim (fiddle) entertained the ceilidh goers with a selection of traditional tunes from both mainland Scotland and Shetland.

With a musical warm-up provided, and digestion accounted for, committee member June Murison led the dancing as Gabriel and Annlaug continued with their excellent renditions of traditional Scottish music.

All the old favourites from Scottish school and university ceilidhs in Scotland were danced, including the Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, St Bernard’s Waltz, Cumberland Reel and Boston Two-Step. The dance floor was packed for much of the night, and pretty much everyone took the opportunity to work off the stovies and cake.

The evening finished in time-honoured style with everyone coming together to sing Auld Lang Syne. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening, with great expectations set for the next ceilidh!

• An Introduction to Scottish Culture
Saturday 17th September, 2005, Torgallmenning

This was the inaugural event of the Society, involving a display of traditional Scottish Dancing and Bagpipe music. Traditional Scottish fare was kindly provided by Walkers Shortbread Ltd, and committee member Frances Valeur brought her own home-made Scottish cakes and shortbread. Supplies of Scotland's other national drink , Irn Bru, were given out to help wash down the shortbread and home baking.

• Burns' Supper
Saturday 28th January, 2005 - Danckert Krohn

Drama surrounded the journey of the haggis from its homeland, over the North Sea to Bergen. Misdirection, fog, a traffic accident, and over zealous (and perhaps dyslexic) customs officials all had a hand in preventing the traditional dish from arriving at the head table. In the end the day was saved by Solheimkjøtt, who stepped into the breach with a Bergen variation of the Haggis (see article from Bergens Tidende).

The rest of the evening passed off smoothly. The guests were piped in, the traditional toasts and speeches were delivered and well received, and the immortal memory of Robert Burns was remembered and celebrated once again. A ceilidh brought the 2005 Burns Supper to a close, with the guests taking part in some Scottish Country dancing and enjoying music from the bagpipes and accordion.
This was the first large Burns Supper to be held in Bergen for many years, and the success of the event led the organisers to establish the Bergen Scottish Society a few months later.