Bergen Scottish Society


Here is an overview of the Society's events that have taken place in 2012. Links to photos from some of these events can be found on the menu to the left.

• Curling
Friday, 16th November

A sport, a game, a recreation; call it what you will, but it's amazing how one can have so much fun while at the same time freezing one's toes off! Always fun, we'd like to hear your feedback regarding whether to move this gathering to say, February, when there's not as many other things going on. Just Contact Us! (see shortcut to the left)

• Ceilidh - Traditional Scottish Evening
Saturday, 6th October

What a fantastic evening at the BSS Ceilidh-Scottish country dancing led by the highly recommended Ian Milligan Trio from Scotland and bagpipe music provided by Norway's own Bergen Pipes & Drums.

In addition to great music all evening, we had a special treat: our own Laura McGuffie performed two Highland dances for us, to the tunes of a lone piper from the Bergen Pipes & Drums, Helge Jeppesen.

We were fully immersed in Scottish tradition, enjoying very minute. As usual, the time passed far too quickly!

• Scottish Dancing workshop
Friday, 28th September

Dancing brings a smile even while burning off calories, as the satisfied folks who attended our Scottish country dance workshop experienced. Laura, our resident highland dancer, did a fantastic job of teaching the crowd who were mostly beginners, and we all felt a little more comfortable on the dancefloor at this year's traditional Scottish evening/Ceilidh.

• Damsgård Hovedgård
Sunday, 26th August

A visit to Damsgård Hovedgård, built in the 1770s by general war commissioner Gyldenkrantz and now a museum under Bergens Bymuseet organization, is highly recommended. But be aware that a one-hour tour is not long enough to explore both the well-kept grounds and the well-preserved details of the house itself.

The lunch served at Damsgårdstuene, was a treat, with decent portions, friendly service and fascinating decor.

In summary, this byvandring offered a glimpse of what's on offer on the other side of Puddefjord's bridge, least of which is a fantastic view.

• Street Party - Bergen Style!
Saturday, 16th June

The joint committee made up of BSS and British Ladies Club members and others who have a heartfelt connection with Britain were very pleased with the numbers of folk who attended this event, ie. 150+ and were very grateful for the positive feedback and smiles seen that day!

Heartfelt thanks go out to all the volunteers and organizations who participated in providing the following lineup of activities:
- Barbecue
- Bergen Amateur Dramatic Society plays and skits
- Bergen Pipes & Drums scottish highland bagpipe music
- Scottish Country Dancing instruction
- Replay of the official ER concert
- Raffle
- Children and Adult Races: good ol' fashioned 3 legged, sack and potato & spoon
- Quiz

This was a one-off event and well worth the effort! We encourage and look forward to folk forwarding photos of the day, for posting here. It was so much fun, the day should be captured for posterity!

• Constitution Day Parade
Thursday, 17th May

Although the weather was a bit dull, it was, as always, a blast to participate in Bergen's main parade route. We had a good turnout of folk to walk with us and wave Norwegian flags and march in time with the Bergen Pipes & Drums who led our part of the procession. Thanks to Peter for carrying the banner the length of the parade!

We encourage and welcome any and all photos taken from the sidelines and rooftops to be sent to for inclusion here on the website!

• Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 20th March

The four posts up for election in the Bergen Scottish Society were elected unanimously, with the Election Committee also recruiting a new Election committee for 2013 as well, thanks to their hard work and thoroughness.

Only one person however, stepped down in their duties at this year's AGM. A small bouquet of tulips was presented to Susan, for her diligence as treasurer the past 2 years. Both the committee and Angus, who is taking on the role, appreciate the system she's created to make the transition easier. Laura is our 2nd newcomer, and we welcome both Angus and Laura onboard! Jim and Bjarne are staying on in their respective posts of the past year. And grateful we are for that!

After the formalities, Margaret's quiz on Burns, Scottish food, music, and geography and the connections of the British royal family with Scotland, found the team comprised of committee members raising a white flag to their strong competition, a team made up of regular Society members. Perhaps next time, we'll somehow get a chance to preview the questions, which will help to make the playing field more even!

• Burns' Supper
Saturday 28th January - Fløien Folkerestaurant, Bergen

Our third year in a row at Fløien Folkerestuarant, the Bergen Scottish Society's annual Burns Supper was another success. Findlay's haggis made it to the tables and our stomachs, even though Joe wasn't able to join us this year in person. We missed you Joe! But we owe you many thanks for the wonderful haggis spices you sent so that our friends at Solheim Kjøtt had no problems creating a winning version of your tasty treat. Folks enjoyed it so much, they bought out our extras right there and then!

Once again, Bergen Pipes and Drums were on hand to provide a warm welcome for guests as they arrived at Fløyen. And Grendakoret kicked off our evening by singing a selection of Burns songs before we retired to the dining hall.

Pipeband member and award winning piper Helge Jeppesen piped in the haggis, proudly borne on silver tray by James Fulton. The Address to a Haggis was dramatically delivered to great effect by a Dumfries lassie, Laura McGuffie.

Even with our regular and outstanding Master of Ceremonies, James Hosea, the head table featured more female speakers than male, with the current Chairperson, Barbara McIntosh, delivering The Immortal Memory, in honour of Robert Burns. She was aided by David MacLeod in the reading of Burns poetry, who in his Toast to the Lassies, recited a magnificent rhyme of his own creation. June Murison kept the women in stitches with her facts of mis-matched socks and tales of procrastination, traits purported to be more prevalent in the male species. By the way, June, congratulations on your Burns Supper Grand-slam!

Bergen Pipes & Drums showed off their honed sound of the pipes, the roar of the bass drum and visual effects of the tenor drums before the evening was rounded off with some ceilidh dancing and eventually closed with Auld Lang Syne, played by three pipers, who also entertained the passengers in the last Fløiebane train down the mountain.