Bergen Scottish Society


Here is an overview of the Society's events that took place in 2011. Links to photos from some of these events can be found on the menu to the left.

• Curling
Friday 18th November - Iskanten

We were few in numbers but thanks to one of the instructors at Iskanten who rounded out our number to an even four, we were able to have a decent game, and we three members got in a lot of practise!

Definitely a fun, inexpensive evening out, we will be organizing this again in the new year. Be sure to join us!

• Autumn Ceilidh
Saturday 1st October, kl 1900 - Hotel Grand Terminus

This year's ceilidh band from Glasgow kept us going, playing the old favorites and throwing some new dances into the mix, as the Autumn Ceilidh was enjoyed by all!

Another musical treat was the Bergen Pipes & Drums band, sounding splendid as ever. This was their first gig with new drums and their new bass section, complete with bass drum and two tenor drums.

• Amatørkulturdagen Bergen
Saturday 10th September, Grieghallen

The Bergen Scottish Society enjoyed a fantastic day at Grieghallen, showing off the sights, sounds, and tastes of Scotland. We even managed some impromptu demonstrations of dances we'll be kicking up our heels to at our upcoming ceilidh!

The Bergen Pipes & Drums were there in full swing as well, with two sets of varied tunes, including Scotland the Brave and Nystemten.

Thanks to those members who volunteered at and/or visited our stand. Your enthusiasm keeps us going!

• Historical Walk / Byvandring
Wednesday 24th August - Nordnes

It was just a matter of dressing appropriately to hold off the rain for most of our very interesting two hour tour of Nordnes. Our small but keen group learned much from our pleasant and knowledgeable Norwegian guide, who, it turns out, has connections to the Shetlands.

The motto from the walk was "Look Up", something we can all take away with us when we discover new places and/or rediscover our own city. You just might be surprised at what you see.

• Summer event at Fedje
Saturday 25th June - Fedje

The weather and hospitality of the people at Fedje helped to make this year's summer event a success. Not to mention the efforts of our own; one member gave a well-versed and interesting speech regarding the connections and influences between Scotland and Norway over the centuries and the Bergen Pipes & Drums were well received at the outdoor main gathering on Saturday, outside Pernille's Cafe later that day, and at the early evening church service on Sunday.

Thanks to all who participated! We hope to find an excuse to go back to Fedje again.

• May 17th parade
Tuesday 17th May - Bergen Sentrum

Thanks to those who joined us on our rain-free stroll through Bergen sentrum! We enjoyed another fantastic Constitution Day parade, very satisfied with the Society's new banner.

We'd love to upload any photos taken during the parade. Please send your favourites to

• Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 23rd March

Smiles all around! The Election committee worked their magic again this year and four new committee members were unanimously voted in to the Bergen Scottish Society committee.

As well as a big thanks to Eli, Steven and Alan who stepped down from their posts, there was well-deserved accolades, hugs and flowers to both James Hosea, past Chairperson and Pat Schreuder, past Social Secretary, for their dedication, enthusiasm and countless hours over the past 6 years. They are both founding members of the Bergen Scottish Society and largely through their efforts, the Society is what it is today.

James' last committee task was delivered in outstanding fashion as usual; a quiz based on Scottish culture, with varying questions on food, entertainment, geography and history. One team achieved full marks, missing only one bonus question, while the other two teams learned some things they never knew before!

• Burns' Supper
Saturday 22nd January - Fløien Folkerestuarant, Bergen

After the success of the Society's 2010 Burns' Supper at Fløien Folkerestuarant, we decided to do a reprise. We had a more intimate setting this year, with a dedicated area for dancing which meant there were no delays in hitting the dance floor after our scrumptious dinner.

The haggis made this year at Solheim Kjøtt by our friend and award winning haggis maker Joe Findlay from Edinburgh was outstanding. Plenty was produced, both for the Society and for general sale at Solheim Kjøtt.

Once again, Bergen Pipes and Drums were on hand to provide a warm welcome for guests, beside a roaring log fire, as they arrived at Fløyen.

The tradition of Grendakoret singing a selection of Burns songs was continued, however this time they sang earlier, welcoming us into the dining hall.

Pipe Major Thomas De Ridder piped in the haggis, proudly borne on silver tray by Joe Findlay, and James Fulton aptly recited the Address to the Haggis.

The Immortal Memory was delivered musically this year, by Annlaug Børsheim and Olav Tveitane. How lucky for us that these two proficient musicians found that they share a passion for Burns' songs and decided to form Tam Glen.

Bergen Pipes and Drums featured at the head table this year. Pipe Major Thomas De Ridder informed us how difficult it can be to live with a male piper major in his Toast to the Lassies. In her response, Pipe Sargeant Kirstine Folmann essentially confirmed his statements. One can tell they are good friends!

We were entertained by Bergen Pipes & Drums before rounding off the evening with ceilidh dancing before the trek back through the snow to take the Fløibanen back to the city centre. Thomas entertained the passengers in the last train by playing a few jigs before everyone dispersed after another successful Burns' Supper.