Bergen Scottish Society

Bergen Scottish tartan

The Bergen Scottish tartan was designed for the Bergen Scottish Society by founding Society member Chris Jones in 2005.

Chris designed the tartan for the Society and it is worn by members and friends of the Society. The design is registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority and the Scottish Register of Tartans, the official Scottish government agency responsible for protecting tartans.

The tartan symbolises links between Bergen and Scotland. It incorporates the design and colours of the Norwegian flag, and the colours of the Saltire of Scotland (the Scottish flag with the cross of St. Andrew). The Saltire can be viewed if the tartan is rotated through 45 degrees!

The green background symbolises the hills of western Norway and Scotland, with the black representing their rocky coastlines, and the blue being the sea that has been an important link the two countries over the centuries.

The tartan is woven by specialist tartan weavers Tartan Mill, managed by members of the Dagliesh family. This mill also produces a range of Bergen Scottish tartan products that are available for purchase from the Society.

Over the years, the Bergen Scottish Society has given a handful of people a framed tartan as a symbol of friendship.  The .pdf document below lists those recipients.

Get Adobe Reader Recipients of Framed BSS Tartan Read file