Bergen Scottish Society

2021 Events

The Society organises several fun events throughout the year, follow our Facebook page for information about events as they come up. 

Burns Supper, Saturday 23rd January, Zoom 

The first event is our annual Burns Supper, marking 262 years since the birth of Robert Burns.


The celebration will take place online this year due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and is free to all members. Information will be sent directly to members with a link to the online event and the programme for the evening. The traditional speeches will be held along with a virtual piping in of the haggis. Participant are encouraged to prepare their own haggis dinner this year and to enjoy while watching the online Burns Supper.


This is a brave new world of technological advancement for the society, but we think that it will be a fun. Hopefully we can return to a normal Burns Supper next year.



Annual General Meeting and quiz, Thursday 25th March, Zoom

The society will be holding it's annual general meeting on Zoom again this year. The meeting is open to all members and there will be a quiz afterward with prizes.



17th of May Constitution Day 

There will be no parade in Bergen for Consitution Day again this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We hope you all enjoy your own socially-distanced celebrations with friends and family and look forward to being able to celebrate a more normal 17th of May together with members and friends in 2022.. 



Historic city walk (Byvandring), Thursday 27th May - SOLD OUT!


When the Black Death came to town


We will be taking advantage of the lengthening evenings to enjoy a Covid-19 friendly, socially distanced historical walk in Bergen.


Alf Tore Hommedal will lead us on a historical walk, exploring medieval Bergen at the time of the Black Death. Hommedal is associate professor of medieval archeology at the University Museum of Bergen. He has published on various subjects mostly related to the Middle Ages, mainly concerning the archeology of buildings such as churches and monastic sites in medieval Norway.


The Byvandring will be limited to 20 people in line with current public health regulations in Bergen. Please be aware that these may change at short notice and affect the number of we are able ot host on the walk. The event will cost 75 kr. for members and 100 kr. for non-members. 


Payment can be made via the Society's Vipps account (#507034) or by nettbank to the Society's bank account (3411.27.21721). Please type Byvandring in the message field. 


This event is now sold out. There will a waiting list for those who wish to join us  but didn't manage to get a ticket in time. Those on the waiting list will be first in line ofr cancelled tickets and/or if there is an increase in the number of people allowed to attend in line with teh public health regulations in palce at teh time of the walk.  



Summer barbecue, Sunday 8th August

Bergen Irish have kindly invited us to their summer barbecue. It is a relaxed event for all and familes are especially welcome.

It is being held at the barbecue area at lake at the top of Fløyen at 13:00. There will be free pølse and saft available for everyone. If you would liek something else, pease bring it along and they will happily cook it for you. 



Pub night, late September or early October - date to follow  

The committee is planning to meet in Brian Boru on Thursdag 23 September for a chat and catch up, Covid permitting, and we would like to welcome anyone else that would like to join us for a wee blether. 


Online musical event, Saturday 30 October 

There is normally a celilidh in October, with a band flying over from Scotland to play for us. It is difficult to plan for one this year due to the current pandemic, so our plan is to bring you an online musical and social event instead to keep the spirit  of the ceilidh alive until we can host a live one again in 2022..



St Andrew's Night whisky tasting, Tuesday 30th November

The annual whisky tasting has become a tradition for the society now. This year we hope to hold a whisky tasting as normal but will also be planning for an online backup just in case we can't due to the public health situation. 



Burns Supper, Saturday 22nd January 2022 

The first event of 2022 is our annual Burns Supper, marking 263 years since the birth of Robert Burns. We aim to hold this physically, Covid permitting, and will keep you posted with developments. If we arenot able to hold a physical Burns Supper, we will repeat the success of the 2021 Burns Supper on Zoom.  



Event suggestions

What would you like to see happen in 2021 and 2022? Drop us a mail if there´s anything special you would like us to do. Here are some of the ideas we're looking into: whisky tasting, curling, pub nights and a historical guided walk. All events are open to everyone; members and non-members alike, Scottish or otherwise.  

If you'd like to get a bit more a of a flavour for what we do, check out what Society is getting up to on Facebook and Twitter. Information about events from the pre-Facebook era on the menu to the left.


We will be taking advantage of the lengthening evenings to enjoy a Covid-19 friendly, socially distanced historical walk in Bergen.